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P.E lessons (Physical education lessons) is a course that trains kids using simple and interesting tasks which will result to increase in self-discipline while giving them a chance to create a healthy and active life. It is also defined online as "instruction in the development and care of the body ranging from simple callisthenic exercises to a course of study providing training in hygiene, gymnastics, and the performance and management of athletic games " This sector make use of physical education lessons starting from kindergarten through secondary and also including a variety of skills and skill levels alongside objectives. These lessons have been arranged in terms of grades for easy grasping and remembrance, however, to have to most effective impact, effective pe planning is important.

Some lesson activities on different grades

As earlier said, these lessons start from kindergarten to secondary school and bellow are just some highlight on how you can order these lessons with respect to grades and practive effective pe planning.

Kindergarten Physical Education lessons:

And Freeze!

This task allows students to work on their coordination and balancing. They will also be required to build their skills in listening and learn the basics in other physical ideas as needed. The time they spend doing this practice depends on you.

Animal Laps

This task requires students to make a list of information that displays the different speeds of animals. They will also have to take laps outside or inside the gym, whichever goes best with you. Time allowed for this lesson should be one class period.

Bear Hunt Obstacle Course

This task requires students to practice balancing and coordination while reading. An interesting one I must say. They also have to complete a simple obstacle task. The average time for this lesson should be about 30 minutes

Music Movement

This task allows the students to navigate their movement base on the rhythm of the beat available. Average time allowed for such a class should be one period

Plate Aerobics

This task allows students to practice some simple aerobic moves while maintaining their position. This aids in improving coordination skills. The time allowed for such lessons usually depends on the teacher.